BioGrad biobank
BioGrad biobank

Our Purpose

Biobanks play a key role in the collection, processing, storage and transport of biological material critical for biomedical research and personalised medicine purposes. Specialised, centralised facilities are integral to the successful survival of biospecimens; in particular human samples involved in important research, given their extraordinary sensitivity.  
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At BioGrad, our BioBanking facility offers an expertly managed, regulatory-compliant collection and storage solution in order to provide samples of high quality for diagnostics, therapeutics, personalised medicine and biomedical research purposes. All aspects of the cell life cycle are carefully managed and overseen by expert teams of certified scientists in a secure, centralised facility. Our site is fully equipped with finely calibrated temperature and humidity controls, backup sustainable energy sources and state-of-the art scientific technology.  
BioGrad BioBanking was set up in response to the pressing need for a high-quality biological data resource. Biospecimens must be collected and processed following standards that safeguard biological quality and are annotated with the appropriate patient related and specimen specific data. Such high quality biospecimens are in extreme demand but can be very limited in availability. Not only this, but the radical variation in the quality of biospecimens between different centres in the current market highlights the need for a centralised facility. This variation of the quality of biospecimens is especially problematic in genomic, proteomic and metabolomic analysis given their extreme sensitivity. Here, BioGrad BioBanking provides a repository for this essential high quality and well annotated data, creating a distinct bioresource for a wide range of research, clinical and pharmaceutical applications such as R&D projects and drug-discovery pipelines. 
How do we ensure quality samples?
BioGrad Biobanking work to guarantee our clients the best sample quality. Our facilities are governed by the National accrediting body, UKAS, to ensure the quality of our service is meeting international standards and regulations. To this end we are currently undergoing an accreditation process for the newly developed biobanking Standard; ISO 20387:2018.  
BioGrad BioBanking can provide both long-term and short-term storage solutions at a range of temperatures to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our biorepository services include a complete end-to-end service for storage infrastructure, flow management, location management of sample demographic data, and specialised cold chain logistics.
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