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Biobanking with BioGrad

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Biobanking with BioGrad

This biobank has been established to provide long term cell banking for NHS trusts, academic researchers and UK families who wish to guarantee safe storage of their samples within the UK, focusing predominantly on storage of human and equine biopsies, blood, stem cells, umbilical cords, semen and serum samples.


The customised facility includes 5000 sqft of sample preparation laboratories plus 5000 sqft of long-term storage (-20oC to -196oC) in the same building, thus preventing any risks of damage during transit.  The secure site is close to the motorway with 25 car parking spaces for couriers, 24 hour monitoring of samples and 24 hour access.


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Why Biobank with BioGrad?

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What BioGrad biobank offers?

At BioGrad, our BioBanking facility offers an expertly managed, regulatory-compliant collection and storage solution in order to provide samples of high quality for:



Personalised medicine

Biomedical research

BioGrad biobank & Storage solutions

We provide both long-term and short-term storage solutions at a range of temperatures to meet the specific needs of our clients. 
-80 °C Storage
Liquid Nitrogen Storage
-80 °C Storage


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Founder & CEO

Dr Sherin Pojar

Biobank Manager

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