BioGrad biobank
BioGrad biobank

BioGrad Group Benefits

We recognise that our staff are at the heart of what we do, and that happy staff means a productive workforce who will work together in achieving the company Mission, Vision, and Values.  
The company has various benefits available to staff to reward and acknowledge their contribution towards BioGrad.  
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Home Loan Deposit Loan Scheme

The Home Loan Deposit Scheme was introduced by Dr Kenny to help staff to climb the property ladder and purchase their first home. Dr Kenny increased the NMW across the company to 23K per annum to give more staff the opportunity to buy their first home and to tackle the struggles faced by first time buyers and the need to save for a deposit. 

The Home Loan Deposit Scheme is available to all permanent staff who have over 1 years’ service. 

The scheme allows all members of staff to draw funds from their future wages to provide a down payment on a new home. The company will provide the employee with up to 10% of the house value, to be used towards a deposit for their new home.  

If the employee is given a salary increase after receiving the loan, they will then start to pay back the loan in instalments using the increased amount to their salary.  

If the employee stays with the company for six years their loan will be cleared.  

If the employee leaves the company before six years, then they will be expected to pay the loan back.  

If the employee receiving the loan wants to start making repayments prior to any potential pay-rises. This will require approval from Senior Management and if agreed a payment plan can be discussed and set up by HR.

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Health Assured

All staff have access to free counselling services through our Employee Assistance Programme – Health Assured 

Health Assured offer Six free counselling sessions per person, per issue, per annum. These services can also be extended to the employee’s family.  

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Counselling and Support Services include:

Work Life Assistance 

Home Life Support 

Self-help Programmes 

Mini Health Checks 

Helpful Resources, Video, and tips to improve wellbeing. 

Occupational Health referrals  

Financial Information (budgeting)  

Housing Support   

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Company Sick pay

Staff with over 1 years receive 10 days company sick pay per annum

Annual Leave

All staff receive an additional 7 days holiday above the statutory requirements and a further 2 days after 5 years’ service and another 4 days after 10 years’ service  

Maternity/Adoption Leave

Employees with over 1 years’ service will receive additional Maternity/Adoption and Paternity leave payments and eight weeks paternity leave 

Car Parking

Free car parking is offered to all staff employed at the Wavertree site.  

Bright Exchange

Bright Exchange is an exclusive online marketplace stacked with promotions, offers, and deals for staff that provides access to many savings on products from top brands, such as HP and Fitbit.  

As the company expands our future plans are to create new jobs in Liverpool and to introduce an additional host of benefits to further reward and encourage a work life balance for our team. 

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Workplace Creche

The plan is to open a free workplace creche for staff with pre-school aged children to enable parents to return to work and earn their full salary whilst having free childcare on site. Parents are able to spend quality time with their children at break times and do not have to worry about arranging child minders, making additional journeys, and paying for childcare  


We have the exciting news of our new Education building opening in the near future at Wavertree! We will have an onsite café for staff providing nutritious hot and cold food, catering for all dietary requirements and providing takeaway for Lunch and Dinner to accommodate for busy lifestyles and families.  

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